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Results of 2015 AFERM ERM Public Service Survey are now available. For access, click on the Resources tab above and scroll to Studies and Reports section.


If you are coming to the website to renew your membership, please DO NOT USE the login feature as it requires that we populate it with all of your information before we can use it.  Please use the membership tab instead.  You will need to enter all of your data, and then you can select from one of the 3 options (1,3 or 5 years) based on whether you are a fed or non-fed member.


(1) Click on the Resources tab at the top of right section of the page;

(2) Scroll to bottom of page, Additional Links and Resources;

(3) Click “Download Attachment” to download the Membership Application.

Also, if you are here to register for either the luncheon or the summit, please ignore the button that says “all sold out” and use the link to navigate to the eventbrite page and make your reservations.  As of June 25th, neither of these events are sold out.

Please send an email to info@aferm.org if you have difficulites.  Thanks!

Thank you kindly for your patience and hope to see you at one of our many upcoming events.



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