AFERM Risk Chats

Welcome to Risk Chats, AFERM’s podcast that focuses on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in the Federal space. Candid insights and perspectives from some of the U.S. Government’s most recognized Chief Risk Officers and Risk Management professionals.

Episode 20: National Risk Management

Sim Segal
Sim Segal

This week we speak with Sim Segal, author of National Risk Management: A Practical ERM Approach for Federal Governments. His paper lays out the benefits of a CRO and ERM program at the national government level — not just in the USA, but for any government around the world. Download the paper and listen to the show!

Episode 19: Risk Appetite at USAID

William Steiger
William Steiger
Reggie Mitchell
Reggie Mitchell

On this episode, Paul and Tal chat with USAID’s Reggie Mitchell, CFO, and Bill Steiger, Chief of Staff and Acting CRO. We go in depth on USAID’s excellent Risk Appetite Statement. Download the statement and follow along!

Episode 18: ERM at HUD

Larry Koskinen
Larry Koskinen

This week Tal and Paul chat with Larry Koskinen, CRO at HUD. Larry discuses data analytics, HUD’s nationwide risk managers, risk culture and incorporating ERM into strategy, budgeting and performance. Quote of the show: HUD does enterprise risk management, not enterprise list management!

Episode 17: Data Analytics for ERM

Bryan Jones
Bryan Jones

Join us as we speak with Bryan Jones, retired from the USPS OIG and current owner of Strategy First Analytics, about utilizing data analytics programs in conjunction with ERM. Bryan speaks about putting together a data analytics strategy, utilizing the tools agencies already have to make incremental progress and the importance of “decision” analytics.

Episode 16: Cybersecurity and ERM at Mecklenburg County

Sarah Lyburg
Sarah Lyburg

Join us as we speak with Sarah Lyburg, CFO of Mecklenburg County. We discuss a cyber incident that led to a rethink of how the county defended itself against cyber attacks and the importance of an ERM program.

Episode 15: ERM at NASA

Frank Petersen, Cherisse Aquil and Larry Shaw
Frank Petersen, Cherisse Aquil and Larry Shaw

This episode we chat with Frank Petersen, Cherisse Aquil and Larry Shaw at NASA about their unique risk culture and how they stood up their ERM program.

Episode 14: ERM at the VA

John Basso

Join us as we chat with John Basso from the Veteran’s Administration about the VA’s ERM program and how it relates to planning, budgeting, performance, governance, strategy, portfolio analysis and data analytics!

Episode 13: ERM Book – Beyond the Basics

Sean Vineyard
Sean Vineyard
Cynthia Vitters
Ken Fletcher
Ken Fletcher

Today we speak with authors of the new book about Federal ERM entitled Public Sector Enterprise Risk Management: Advancing Beyond the Basics. Join us as we speak with Cynthia Vitters, Sean Vineyard and Ken Fletcher about the book, their chapters and chapters contributed by other authors in our Federal ERM community!

Episode 12: ERM at the HUD OIG

Jonelle Pianta

On this episode we check in with Jonelle Pianta, CRO at the HUD OIG, to discuss why the OIG decided to start their own ERM program, the unique challenges an OIG faces, audits of ERM programs and why your agency’s OIG may want to consider setting up its own ERM program. Thanks to AGA this week for the use of the AGA podcast studio!

Episode 11: GAO’s High-Risk List

Don Kettl

Join us as we chat with Don Kettl, author of Managing Risk, Improving Results: Lessons for Improving Government Management from GAO’s High-Risk List. We discuss the history of the list, root causes and “root solutions,” strategies to stay off the list, and how this is all relevant to your ERM efforts!
> Read the report

Episode 10: ERM at King County

Jennifer Hills

On this episode, we chat with Jennifer Hills from King County’s ERM program. Learn about the innovative approach King County has implemented to take calculated risks for the benefit of the government’s mission! This episode provides a great example of ERM implemented at the state and local level.

Episode 9: ERM at Ginnie Mae

Jason Leecost

This episode, Paul and Tal speak with Jason Leecost at Ginnie Mae about their ERM program, including risk profiles, risk taxonomy and a unique approach to risk appetite.

Episode 8: ERM at CNCS

Lori GIblin

On this episode we speak with Lori Giblin, Chief Risk Officer at the Corporation for National and Community Service, about their ERM and internal controls programs.

Episode 7: ERM at USDA RD

Jacki Ponti-Lazaruk

Today we speak with Jacki Ponti-Lazaruk, Chief Risk Officer at USDA Rural Development. The focus of the podcast is the importance of communication to a successful ERM program.

Episode 6: ERM at NIH

Meredith Stein

This week Paul chats with Meredith Stein from the NIH. They discuss NIH’s Risk Champions, how they put together their risk profile, education and training, and many more topics!

Episode 5: ERM at PBGC

Nicole Puri

On this episode, Paul chats with Nicole Puri, Risk Management Officer at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, about the importance of an independent role for a CRO, how to demonstrate the value of ERM to agency stakeholders and the interaction between the CRO and Inspector General.

Episode 4: ERM at the U.S. Coast Guard

Craig Bennett

Today Paul and Tal chat with the Deputy CFO and CRO of the Coast Guard, Craig Bennett. We talk about Black Swans and how the Coast Guard prioritizes its mission and mission support risks.

Episode 3: RIMS-CRMP-Fed Micro-Credential

Todd Grams & Cynthia Vitters

On this episode, we talk to Todd Grams and Cynthia Vitters about the RIMS-CRMP-Fed Micro-Credential. What is it? What are the benefits of obtaining it? Is there a prep course? Learn all this and more, then use these links for registration & study materials:

Episode 2: ERM at HUD Public and Indian Housing

Wendell Conner

On this episode, we speak with Wendell Conner from HUD PIH about the journey to gain acceptance of the ERM program, the importance of incorporating operational risks into the register (especially gaining stakeholder buy-in!) and how ERM can add real value to an organization.

Episode 1: ERM at the IRS

Tom Brandt

On our inaugural episode, we chat with the IRS’ Chief Risk Officer, Tom Brandt. We discuss one of the most mature ERM programs in the Federal government, establishing the credibility of the program amongst senior leadership, gaining buy-in and some of the IRS’ unique risk and challenges.