AFERM Newsletter, Issue 24, December 2017

This is the 24th issue of the quarterly AFERM Newsletter! It includes an interview with 2017 AFERM Summit Chair Christine Jones and four (4) thought leadership articles from ERM practitioners with BlackFox Strategy, King County, Washington, LogicManager, and AFERM corporate sponsor ACL.

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President’s Corner

AFERM: Supporting the Federal ERM Community

By Peggy Sherry (January 2018)

Hello, and Happy New Year!

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection, and as I look back on 2017, I am reminded how important managing risk is to a strong government. The past 12 months have been ones of great change. We’ve experienced a change in Administration, with new executive orders and policy shifts, including major tax changes; there is a renewed emphasis on operating efficiency with a focus on smaller government; and we experienced another government shutdown and face the uncertainty of more to come.

These events highlight how dynamic and uncertain operating in the federal government can be. This also reminds me why enterprise risk management (ERM) and the work you do is so important to delivering missions and managing risk, while navigating change and uncertainty.

As federal agencies updated their strategic and performance plans, the risk professionals had a great opportunity to ensure enterprise risks were considered and managed. We can also help navigate uncertainty by embedding ERM in the daily operations of our agencies and ensuring that critical decisions are informed by risk. Identifying risks and articulating what is in place to manage and mitigate them is also an important role we play.

AFERM is here to help provide you the tools to navigate and lead through dynamic times. Our website provides you up-to-date thinking and tools; your membership provides you opportunities to network and connect with other risk management professionals in the federal sector; our events are designed to address current issues that we are all working to manage; and we have efforts underway to ensure the practice of ERM in the federal space is professionalized and embedded in all we do.

I am very optimistic about our profession, and I look forward to the many exciting events and offerings AFERM has for all our members. The AFERM New Year began with the wonderful networking event on January 24th. Nandini Kini, Senior Director of Enterprise Risk Management at Capital One, provided great insights on building critical bank-wide risk management capabilities. This was followed by a networking event which I hope provided opportunities to catch up with ERM colleagues and to meet new ones!

This year, I hope you will resolve to get involved and stay involved with AFERM. We are your association, and your involvement and participation makes us stronger. We have many opportunities to volunteer. In fact, we have already begun planning for our Summit, and our Summit Chair, Sean Vineyard, is enthusiastically planning our agenda and recruiting volunteers! If you’d like to be part of this year’s event, we would love to have you – volunteer at

Best regards for a wonderful 2018!
Peggy Sherry

Peggy Sherry, AFERM President, may be contacted at