AFERM Newsletter, Issue 37, June 2021

This 37th issue of the quarterly AFERM Newsletter includes thought leadership articles from enterprise risk management (ERM) practitioners with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service and Risk Pro Solutions.

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President’s Corner

Nicole PuriUpdates on AFERM’s Initiatives

By Nicole Puri, AFERM President

It’s the height of summer and another busy year in government is drawing to a close soon. I hope all of you have been enjoying the season, whether that means being outside in the sun or admiring the greenery and lushness from the comfort of air conditioning!

With a new President of the United States, this year has seen a lot of transition in the federal government. As often happens, leadership changes have slowed things down or caused changes in direction. We await a new President’s Management Agenda and the change in focus that will likely entail for many, including those of us practicing enterprise risk management. In July we recognized the five-year anniversary of the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Circular A-123 revision that introduced enterprise risk management (ERM) to most of the federal government, which prompted reflection on progress to date and what may be needed in the future to secure the success of federal ERM. We also found new and interesting ways to work remotely, but effectively, during the start of year two of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the fiscal year winds down for the federal government, so too does my term as President. As AFERM returns to a two-day Summit at the end of October this year, I will transition to the Past-President role and Daniella Datskovska will start her term as President. Over the next few months, I am looking forward to finishing up some of the projects I initiated this year. I am also excited to see what the new Board will take on for next year. AFERM has made strides this year towards expanding partnerships with other organizations to offer better education and professional development options (more to come on this) and getting a professional practice document out for peer review (thanks to all who have volunteered to either write or review it). We have also been working on a revamped approach to our sponsorship program to add more value to sponsors and members, and plan to roll that out shortly. We have also put a lot of effort into having regular and continuing programming in the form of webinars and other online events. Though these have been successful, I think we all look forward to returning to in person events as soon as is practicable.

Speaking of in-person events, this year’s Summit will have both a virtual component and an in-person component. Although AFERM plans a return to an in-person Summit at the Ronald Reagan Building next year, for safety reasons we’ve decided to keep the bulk of the sessions virtual and use a new and much more interactive platform that we believe will encourage engagement with other participants, sponsors, and speakers. As part of your Summit registration you will have the option to attend an-person social event the night before the Summit begins. We are planning to use a venue with both indoor and outdoor availability so there is plenty of space and the ability to social distance. Please be on the lookout for more details surrounding this event, and for plenary speaker and agenda announcements coming soon.

In my last President’s Corner I also want to the take the time to thank the Board members who served with me this year, and their dedication to making AFERM a vibrant and resilient organization that will continue to shine as the beacon for enterprise risk management in government for many years. I also need to thank the countless volunteers who have made this year’s progress possible, including our many committee chairs, the Summit team, and those who have worked with me and other board members on individual projects. I continue to be amazed at the amount we accomplish each year based solely on volunteer time.

Finally I want to encourage all of you to stay in contact. After my term, I look forward to continuing on as Past-President for a year, but also to the work yet to be done even after I leave the Board. I hope to get to know more of you personally, and to keep in touch as we continue to build ERM as a professional practice area and a good management tool for government.

Thank you, and I am excited to see you at the Summit (and in person the day before)!

Best regards,
Nicole D. Puri

Nicole Puri, AFERM President, may be contacted at