Why volunteer with AFERM? Here are some considerations: pride, professional responsibility, and helping promote the many benefits AFERM offers to federal ERM professionals. AFERM is a 100% volunteer-run organization. We cannot sustain our prominence and achieve our mission without volunteer support. Giving back your time, energy, creative ideas and enthusiasm offers a wonderful opportunity to learn from and gain exposure to federal ERM subject matter experts across the federal risk management profession. Many of our volunteers are leaders in their respective organizations and often looked upon to provide guidance and influence policy.

Let’s be the change we want to see in AFERM in 2023!

In this video AFERM volunteers discuss the many benefits of helping the organization, including a message from AFERM Past-President, Daniella Datskovska.

Thank you for visiting the volunteer webpage. Our volunteers are a big part of the success of our organization and events.  And we truly appreciate the time and effort they give to AFERM. We hope you will join the AFERM Volunteer Family! For additional information please contact our AFERM volunteer coordinator.

With an objective to ensure consistency and equity amongst contributors, as well as to create an awareness of volunteer role expectations, the AFERM Board leadership established a set of minimum expectations to ensure smooth operations for the organization, which is found in the link below:

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Contact Volunteers@aferm.org.

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Priority Opportunities/Positions

We are pleased to announce that AFERM has new positions open to volunteers. AFERM is looking for individuals to assist in the following ways. Click on the position to see more information and show your interest.

Board & Committee Volunteer Positions

State & Local Outreach
Are you in local and state government?

We are seeking interested ERM professionals at the local and state government level who wish to become a part of a growing network of risk practitioners.  This committee is interested in having professionals join who are starting their ERM journey and those who are veterans participate in the group.  All levels of ERM development are encouraged to join.  Professionals can join to listen and learn from others, become a contributor, or fill a leadership role.  We will be filling committee positions by July!

Below are the committee positions to be filled:

  • Vice Committee Chair for Local and State ERM AFERM Outreach: This position will help with communications to the regional representatives and assist with communications and requests with AFERM’s other committees, as well as keeping the roster current and assisting new participants as the network develops.
  • Regional Representatives: These positions are regionally centered around interested candidates and their location of practice. Regional representatives will help to create awareness within their region about the educational resources and benefits of AFERM now available to state and local ERM government entities.   Regional representatives will assist with promoting educational opportunities to fellow ERM colleagues in their region and encourage them to share their knowledge with AFERM federal ERM leaders.
    • Eastern Representative, Regional Local and State ERM AFERM Outreach
    • Central Representative, Regional Local and State ERM AFERM Outreach
    • Southern Representative, Regional Local and State ERM AFERM Outreach
    • Western Representative, Regional Local and State ERM AFERM Outreach
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SACoP Co-Chair
Would you like to help guide a collaborative community of public sector ERM practitioners focused on discussing and advancing strategies and leading practices of their respective agency ERM programs? The Small Agency Community of Practice (SACoP) is looking for a Co-Chair to help with this effort. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the ERM space and join efforts with individuals who want to help drive change and advancement in practice.

Specific tasks performed by the SACoP Co-Chairs include:

  • Providing briefings to the AFERM Board of Directors, as requested;
  • Setting strategy, course and direction for SACoP;
  • Monitoring and governing all functions of SACoP; and
  • Controlling SACoP membership.
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DACoP Chair and Co-Chair

Would you like to help guide a collaborative community of public sector ERM practitioners focused on advanced and applied data analytics supporting the evolution and maturity of their respective agency ERM programs? Volunteering in the role of the Data Analytics Community of Practice (DACoP) Chair or Co-Chair is a great opportunity to step into the data analytics space and engage with professionals to promote sharing best and innovative practices and drive thought leadership.

Specific tasks performed by the DACoP Chair and Co-Chair include:

  • Providing briefings to the AFERM Board of Directors, as requested;
  • Setting strategy, course and direction for DACoP;
  • Monitoring and governing all functions of DACoP; and
  • Controlling DACoP membership.
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Pathways Internship Committee

With the creation of the Pathways Internship Committee, AFERM aims to support individuals interested in beginning or advancing careers in the ERM space to access opportunities required to achieve their professional goals. We are looking for motivated individuals to help jump start the development of this new internship program. This is a great way to contribute to the growth of ERM professionals in the public sector. The anticipated time commitment is 1 to 2 hours per month for 2 months.

Specific tasks to be performed by the Pathways Internship Committee volunteers will include:

  • Developing descriptions of Pathways internship opportunities to support your agency’s ERM program; and
  • Leveraging other agencies’ student ERM internship descriptions and developing example descriptions that agencies can adopt and tailor to their own needs.
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Sponsorship Committee

AFERM is looking for 1-2 volunteers to support the AFERM Sponsorship Committee. In this position, volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with key members of the AFERM Board and the ERM community as a whole. While this is not a Board position, this is a great opportunity for existing sponsors to get inside AFERM and help to influence the Board’s internal decision-making process. The volunteers will perform tasks including but not limited to:

  1. Supporting the ongoing work related to AFERM sponsorship renewal, policy compliance, and billing and collections.
  2. Providing AFERM sponsorship outreach – delivering guidance regarding sponsorships benefit and policy.
  3. Working to engage companies who perform ERM or GRC work but are not currently sponsors
  4. Being a CAAG liaison, engaging with sponsors, and ensuring sponsors are taking advantage of the AFERM benefits they are entitled to.

The approximate level of effort is about 2-3 hours per week.

Volunteer Committee
We are looking for volunteers to assist join AFERM’s volunteer committee and assist with activities related to recruiting and managing AFERM volunteers. Interested
Audit Committee
We are seeking one or two volunteers to join the AFERM Audit Committee (AC).  These member volunteers will have sufficient financial management experience to assist the AC Chair with oversight of AFERM’s financial management, reporting, internal controls, and risk management activities. Interested

Events & Activities Opportunities

AFERM in Review Editor
We are looking for 1-2 volunteer(s) to work with the AFERM Webmaster to produce AFERM’s bi-weekly email digests. This position takes ONLY 1-2 hours of work every other week. Interested
Quick Poll Support
Do you have a 2-3 hours a month to give back to our organization? We are looking for 1-2 volunteers to help support our Quick Polls. The volunteer(s) in this role will support AFERM in creating simple poll questions and distributing them to members once a month to start, and eventually bi-weekly.
We’re seeking an experienced ERM practitioner with these qualities:
  • Proficiency in ERM topics of discussion that stem from policies, guides, and other materials that are relevant for the ERM practitioners in the federal government
  • Ability to generate poll questions at least monthly to start, then biweekly
  • Experience with surveys or other methods that yield feedback by probing for ERM specific subjects of interest to the ERM community

See samples of past Quick Polls (Membership and login is required to view polls)

As part of this position, volunteers will collaborate with others in the ERM community to create polls. The webmaster will be available to assist in creating and distributing the polls using the AFERM website and MailChimp.