AFERM is a 100% volunteer-run organization. We invite our members to volunteer and share their knowledge and skills. We also welcome those who would like to give back to the profession. Volunteers participate in activities that take place in standing and ad-hoc committees, lead as a committee chair, or take on a leadership role. Volunteers also contribute with research, website and social media maintenance, logistics such as event planning, and communications and outreach projects.

President’s Welcome

Thank you for visiting the volunteer webpage.  As president of AFERM, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as you consider volunteering with our organization.  Volunteering is another form of service, and that is a cornerstone in our organization.  All involved serve the practitioners of enterprise risk management in the federal government, and we couldn’t achieve all that we do without the help of those who serve as volunteers.

Our volunteers are a big part of the success of our organization and events.  And we are truly appreciative of the time and effort they put into AFERM. As you look though the volunteer information on our website, I wish you great success with our volunteering opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you.  For additional information please contact our AFERM volunteer coordinator.


Contact aferm.volunteers@gmail.com.

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Priority Opportunities/Positions

We are pleased to announce that AFERM has new positions open to volunteers. AFERM is looking for individuals to assist in the following ways. Click on the position to see more information and show your interest.

Events & Activities Opportunities

AFERM in Review Editor
Do you have a couple hours every other week to give back to our organization? We are looking for 1-2 volunteers to help serve as the AFERM in Review (AiR) Editor.
The AiR digest is released every other Friday morning, summarizing key AFERM news, events and website updates.

The volunteer(s) in this role will support AFERM in developing and distributing this bi-weekly news digest. Creating these emails takes ONLY 1-2 hours every other week to produce. The editor is responsible for collating content from the AFERM website into an established template in MailChimp (AFERM’s bulk e-mail tool). This position coordinates directly with AFERM’s Webmaster, and is perfect for someone looking to get more involved in the ERM community or looking to grow a communications skillset. We also have an SOP document created by the previous AiR Editor, so there’s no guesswork. Interested

Photographer for AFERM Events
Any individual attending an AFERM event is invited to sign-up for taking pictures and to submit to AFERM’s webmaster. We would like to hear from anyone who has a keen eye for taking thoughtful shots or has a passion for photography. This is a great opportunity for a one-time volunteer contribution to capture great moments at AFERM.


Committee Volunteer Positions

Membership Committee
The membership committee  is pleased to announce the opening of a volunteer position.  The Membership Committee is responsible for expanding AFERM by attracting new members and renewing current members on an ongoing basis.  The time commitment for this role is 1-2 hours per week.  If you have previous experience with membership, we would be glad to hear from you.