Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is charged with oversight of all material aspects of AFERM’s financial reporting, internal control, risk management and audit functions. The Committee consists of three members that have sufficient financial expertise to understand and evaluate AFERM’s financial transactions and internal control procedures.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee publishes the quarterly AFERM newsletter, coordinates the promotion of AFERM at the annual ERM Summit and at partner conferences, and helps to facilitate the dissemination of useful and timely communications via the website, social media accounts, email, and other channels.

Social Media Coordinators

Manages AFERM’s social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Corporate and Associate Advisory Group (CAAG) Committee

The Corporate and Associate Advisory Committee is composed of representatives of all AFERM Sponsors and Corporate Partners.

Infrastructure and Operations Committee

The Infrastructure and Operations Committee is responsible for documenting AFERM’s internal governance and processes/procedures, the roles and responsibilities of AFERM’s board and standing committees, and how AFERM interfaces with its external stakeholders.


Manages content on AFERM website. Maintains the AFERM email lists and manages messages sent to those lists.

Knowledge Capital Committee

The Knowledge Capital Committee oversees the planning, development and delivery of intellectual capital assets of AFERM for its members.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for expanding AFERM membership by attracting new members and retain current members on an ongoing basis. Liaison with the CAAG Committee to ensure corporate sponsors are maximizing their free membership benefits.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee, in consultation and coordination with the Board, facilitates the development of AFERM’s strategic plan, helps drive implementation of agreed-upon strategic initiatives, and monitors and reports on progress of those initiatives for the Board.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is responsible for organizing luncheons, workshops and networking events in which thought leaders or practitioners share ERM insights and experiences and engage in dialogue on various ERM topics and issues.

  • Alyssa Fusisi, Chair, or

RIMS Liaison/RIMS-CRMP-FED Coordinator

The RIMS Liaison/RIMS-CRMP-FED Coordinator fosters AFERM’s relationship with RIMS, promotes partnering opportunities, and is the primary point person with RIMS on the RIMS-CRMP-Fed micro-credential.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee identifies organizations seeking to enhance their brand and increase their exposure within the ERM community by partnering with AFERM.

State & Local Outreach Committee

The State and Local Outreach Committee is designed to promote ERM education and professional development by bridging federal, state, and local ERM government entities.  This involves creating an inclusive environment where opportunity exists to exchange ideas, share effective practices, and discuss common experiences for the betterment of all ERM government practitioners.

Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee is responsible for identifying, placing and recognizing volunteers through a collaborative process at AFERM, which is an all-volunteer run organization.

2024 Summit Committee

The Summit Committee is responsible for all planning leading up to the annual AFERM Enterprise Risk Management Summit.