Gabriel Benincasa

Gabe BenincasaGabriel Benincasa is both a CPA and JD with years of financial services leadership experience. As the SEC’s first Chief Risk Officer, Gabriel has been responsible for establishing the organization’s strategic plan and building a department from scratch.

Gabriel has a long history of helping companies revamp their compliance and risk structures while influencing the corporate cultures to comply with the heightened regulatory scrutiny. While at KPMG as a tax manager, he attended Fordham Law School at night. Upon graduation, he became an associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell.

Gabriel continued his career at Morgan Stanley’s legal department where he was a leader in its Global Fixed Income and Prime Brokerage Trading practices. After leaving Morgan Stanley he spent most of his career working for Morgan Stanley colleagues at firms such as Credit-Suisse, Bridgewater and CIT.

Gabriel was instrumental in the development of the Industry’s first Master Netting Agreement as co-chair of SIFMA’s Master Netting Committee. He was counsel to the Global Documentation Steering Committee organized by the FRBNY. He represented Morgan Stanley in the bailout of Long-Term Capital and was counsel to a member of the Long-Term Capital Oversight Committee.

He was a frequent speaker at many industry conferences across Europe and Asia. Gabriel has been a guest lecturer at Baruch College and Fordham Law School, has presented at the SEC’s First Generation Professionals Conference and guides young professionals through the SEC’s mentoring program. He recently hosted a virtual meeting of CRO’s of Federal Financial Regulators to share views on challenges being faced in the current environment.

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