Virtual Demo Session 2B: Using TrustIQ to Understand and Enhance Trust in Your Organization

Reputational Risk and the Future of Trust: Using TrustIQ to Understand and Enhance Trust in Your Organization Deloitte understands that in today’s hyper-connected world, your organization’s reputation will drive your planning, strategy and purpose. Trust and reputation are inextricably linked, with trust being the foundation of all meaningful relationships between an entity and its various (more…)

Virtual Demo Session 2A: Demonstrating Aperitisoft™ Versatility

This software demonstration/tour will highlight one of the hallmarks of rPM3 Solutions’ Aperitisoft™ software – its versatility. Using inherent features and easy user configuration, the software can support a wide range of different assessment applications. Clients are currently using Aperitisoft™ to assess information security posture (NIST & ISO 27001), environmental risk assessments (ISO 14000), project (more…)

Virtual Demo Session 1A: Tackling OMB A-123 with Aperitisoft

This software demonstration/tour will show you how to manage you’re OMB A-123 requirements using rPM3 Solutions’ Aperitisoft™ software solution. This feature rich software was purpose-built to support ERM practitioners and logically structured to mirror the ERM process. A built-in survey tool supports risk identification, developing likelihood and impact factors, and risk evaluation and is easily tailored to (more…)

Breakout Session 6D: Driving Action on Emerging Risks

Emerging risks are uncertain, but often hard-hitting. Executives often conclude that a response must be complex and costly, tempting them to delay action until the threat and need are proven. Getting more precise information about emerging risks to drive action is futile, but there is hope. Panelists will explore how risk leaders can identify emerging (more…)

Breakout Session 6C: Embedding Risk into Strategic Decision Making

Many organizations, both in the public and private sectors, have set up formal ERM programs with well-defined roles and responsibilities (e.g., establishing the risk framework, defining the risk taxonomy, generating and maintaining the risk register, facilitating risk reporting). However, many ERM programs find it challenging to demonstrate real value to their organizations and perform as (more…)