Plenary Session 4: National Risk Management Center Overview

U.S. critical infrastructure operates in a complex risk environment in which dynamic threats are constantly emerging across industries, sectors, and stakeholder groups. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) National Risk Management Center (NRMC) focuses on providing actionable risk analysis to drive secure and resilient critical infrastructure for the American people.

Session 7C: ERM and Internal Controls Integration

DoD is making substantial progress implementing new Department-wide ERM program focused on identifying and managing risks to the Department’s strategic priorities and performance objectives. This effort includes collaborating with DoD’s Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller) and more than 60 DoD Components to design and implement new Internal Controls over Reporting for Operations (ICOR-O) (more…)

Session 7B: Overcoming Obstacles: The ERM Journey at the IRS

As every ERM practitioner knows, it’s not always smooth sailing when setting up an ERM program. There are bound to be some waves along the way, but those waves don’t have to sink the ship! Moderated by Caren Toomer, the current IRS ERM Director, Tom Brandt, IRS CRO (2014-2022) and Melissa Reynard (Sr Risk Advisor (more…)

Session 7A: Leveraging ERM to Deliver Organizational Value

This session communicates a Value-Based Management philosophy and approach that recognizes the critical role of ERM in a much broader and important message: the delivery of value to the organization’s ultimate stakeholders. Understanding this approach will make ERM relevant to every member of the organization and empower risk management professionals to have a more impactful (more…)


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Session 6C: ERM as an Integrator

Our panelists will share their ERM maturation journey focusing on how their programs continue to add value to other management processes throughout their respective agencies, including budgeting, performance, and strategic planning. Speakers will provide real-life examples of how ERM has been embedded within those business processes to inform decision making through offering the tools, data, (more…)