Session 3A: ERM Success in State & Local Government

ERM professionals share their successes and challenges at state and local ERM levels. ERM programs from the University of Maryland, University of Wisconsin, King County in Washington State, Hennepin County in Minnesota, and City of Norfolk in Virginia will discuss their challenges and best practices to weave ERM into the existing fabric of their organization. (more…)

Session 3C: Operational Risk Response as an Enabler of Mission Delivery

The rapidly evolving program/mission operations, human capital, cybersecurity, information technology risk landscapes, including as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, have emphasized the importance of addressing operational risks and exploiting opportunities that enable government agencies to focus on mission delivery. This panel will provide insights into risk prioritization and response strategies that federal health agencies (more…)

Session 3B: Managing Global Risks — Insights and Techniques

Global risks have had a real impact on your mission and operations in recent years, even for agencies that are domestically focused. But how do you manage risks that are so big and out of an agency’s control? In this session we will examine some of the impacts organizations have felt from global risks in (more…)