2023 Summit Breakout Session Tracks

This year’s Summit theme, “Collaborate and Celebrate – Weaving ERM into the Fabric of Government” explores how embedding enterprise risk management principles and practices into the core of government operations can improve government performance. The Summit sessions and workshops will support the following tracks:

  • Integrating ERM into the Larger AgendaERM is a highly-interconnected discipline that extends far beyond the traditional compliance, reporting, and operational areas. This track explores how ERM can and should be integrated into critical areas of your organization ultimately becoming intrinsic to the culture of your organization. How can ERM leaders collaborate with different groups across the enterprise to ensure successful integration of ERM concepts? Session topics might include ERM integration with diverse areas such as legislative affairs, budget formulation & execution, labor relations, strategy and performance setting/monitoring, audits, general counsel, public affairs, continuity of operations, and supply chain and vendor management…just to name a few.
  • Delivering Value to Decision MakersFederal leaders are challenged by an ever-increasing mosaic of priorities and obligations alongside core mission delivery. ERM can bring clarity to this complexity and deliver tremendous value by informing the most impactful decisions. How? This track explores what information decision makers value and how ERM is uniquely positioned to deliver. What are the leading practices, tools, and technologies used to analyze, interpret, and deliver risk insights to decision makers? What techniques allow your ERM program to calibrate – and recalibrate if necessary – to changing priorities? How can organizations successfully create an information pipeline between the ERM function and decision making?
  • Embracing the Journey: Celebrate Progress and Prepare to PivotImplementing and maturing an ERM program is a journey…a long-term journey. As with any journey there will be bumps in the road, obstacles to overcome and potential detours. Recognizing this is a key element to staying motivated to keep on keeping-on. Understanding that you may need to re-group, back up and reconsider an approach you’ve taken or a tool you’ve developed, and celebrating those incremental successes and progress made will help ERM professionals, and the organization as a whole, move forward. The track explores techniques used to build and nurture an ERM program that’s resilient, innovative and engaging in an environment faced with increasingly tight resources, competing priorities, ongoing leadership changes and organization culture challenges including those associated with ERM skeptics.