2022 Summit Speakers & Moderators

Brenda Boultwood

Brenda Boultwood Brenda Boultwood is the Chief Risk Officer and Director of the Office of Risk Management at the International Monetary Fund. She is the former senior vice president and chief risk officer at Constellation Energy, and has served as a board member at both the Committee of Chief Risk Officers (CCRO) and GARP. Currently, she serves on the board of directors at the Anne Arundel Workforce (more…)

Daniella Datskovska

Daniella Datskovska Daniella Datskovska is Strategy and Growth Advisor for Amazon Web Services (AWS) World Wide Public Sector. She is responsible for developing and executing portfolio strategy across industry sectors and guiding customer and mission transformation with strategic foresight into the mega trends and think big ideas that have the greatest impact to AWS customers and partners. Daniella has 20 years of experience in establishing and directing (more…)