2022 Summit CPE FAQs

The 2022 AFERM Summit offers 10 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) hours. For more information about speakers and session descriptions, please refer to the agenda and speaker pages.

1. How do I track my Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit for each session that I attended?
For in-person attendees, your name badge is imprinted with a unique barcode. Name badges will be scanned at random times for each session as you enter or exit. AGA will use the process to tally your attendance and create your CPE certificate. CPE certificates will be available online to print within two weeks after the training. Only registrants who are paid in full will be eligible for CPE hours.

During the virtual sessions, you will be required to click on a series of pop-up boxes that appear at random times. An engagement notification will display when the poll is launched until you click the link in the notification, manually click the “Poll” section, or six seconds have passed. A red notification indicator will also appear next to the “Poll” icon to indicate that the poll has been launched. If you fail to click on these pop-ups, you will be ineligible to claim CPE credits for that session.
Announcing the pop-up alertness checks to fellow attendees in the chat box during a session is against NASBA policy and you may be ineligible to earn the CPE credit.

NOTE: You must be able to view the virtual platform’s screen to confirm your participation with the CPE Alertness Checks.

2. When will I receive my CPE certificate for my attendance?
Participants who successfully complete the process in question one will receive an email notification within two weeks post-training from the AGA stating their CPE certificate is ready to be downloaded.

3. Who do I contact if I see a discrepancy on my CPE certificate after I’ve downloaded it?
Please contact education@agacgfm.org.

4. How do I know that I receive credit for my sessions during the Summit?
Once the Summit is over, we will download the data to audit. Unfortunately, there is not a way for us to review any participant’s record during the Summit as the system is still capturing and monitoring attendance.

5. What if I missed the alertness checks for the virtual sessions or the badge scanning for the in-person sessions? Will I still receive CPEs for the sessions?
We do give leniency as to how many alertness checks a participant can miss during each session. However, if a participant missed more than the allowable number of missed alertness checks, we cannot grant CPE for that particular session. For in-person attendees, volunteers with scanners will be stationed by the doors, make sure you see them as you enter or exit the room to get your badge scanned.