2019 AFERM Summit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Should I attend the AFERM Summit in-person or is there an option for virtual attendance?
The answer depends upon your preference — there are benefits to both options. Virtual participation is a new option AFERM is offering in 2019.

Here are a few benefits of being a virtual attendee for the 2019 AFERM Summit:

  • No travel required. If your schedule or budget does not allow for a trip to Washington, DC, the virtual attendee option provides a valuable online educational experience.
  • Participate despite busy schedule or budget restraints. You will be able to livestream the 6 plenary sessions (3 each day of the Summit) and 2 breakout sessions (1 each day of the Summit) in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.
  • Be a true participant. Virtual attendees will be able to post questions in each session and participate in polling and discussions in real-time via chat rooms.
  • Earn CPEs. All plenary sessions and breakout sessions are available via livestream for CPE credit.
  • View on-demand recordings. Both in-person and virtual attendees have access to on-demand recordings of the sessions for up to 1 year after the Summit at no additional cost. There is no need to re-arrange your schedule to view a particular session … access the recording at your leisure!

While the cost is slightly higher, here are a few additional benefits of in-person attendance at the 2019 AFERM Summit:

    • Networking. There will be significant opportunities for attendees to meet, mingle and exchange ERM experiences. This is often cited as the most beneficial experience from Summit attendees.
    • Additional breakout sessions. Each day of the Summit, there will be a total of 6 sessions you can attend — totaling 12 for the conference. In-person attendees will have the choice to attend sessions based on their interest and relevance.
    • Digital demo venue. Experience and interact with technology vendors offering ERM, internal control, risk and compliance solutions.

Deciding between in-person and virtual attendance will be a tough choice. If you are having a hard time deciding, we encourage in-person participation. The interactive networking is priceless!

Why am I being redirected to the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) website to complete my registration for the 2019 AFERM Summit?
AFERM signed an agreement with AGA to cross-service registration support for this year’s AFERM Summit. We understand this may be different than the past, but the arrangements offer longer-term benefits for AFERM. If you experience any issues during the registration process, contact either meetings@agacgfm.org (AGA’s dedicated support e-mail account) or aferm.summit@gmail.com (AFERM’s dedicated support e-mail account).
What is my AGA login name? What is my password?
Your login is your AGA ID; whether you are an AGA member or not, you received an ID by attending any of AGA’s past trainings.

Forgot your username or password?  Click on the username or password to reset.

If you have not attended an AGA training event before, click here to create an AGA account.

I am the purchase card holder, how do I register the participant for the Summit?
If you are the purchase card holder, you can register the participant for the AFERM Summit. Please follow the instructions below to register someone else.
  1. Start here on AFERM’s website and click on the “Register Now” button under the “Registration Instructions” section to be redirected to AGA’s registration site.
  2. Sign into your “My AGA Sign In.” If you don’t have an existing account with AGA, you will need to create one, click here to create an AGA account for yourself. Shortly after creating an account, you will receive an AGA username and password. Use these credentials to login to “My AGA Sign In.”
  3. Once signed in, click on “Register Someone Else” on the bottom of the page to search for the participant using their first and last name. If you experience any issues during the registration process, contact either meetings@agacgfm.org (AGA’s dedicated support e-mail account) or summit@gmail.com (AFERM’s dedicated support e-mail account).
What if the AFERM Summit participant is not an AGA member or does not have a login account with AGA?
Create an account for the participant (just like you would for yourself). Thereafter, you are able to search for the participant’s name and register him/her online.
I don’t get it. What’s with the Promotion Codes? Which am I to use when registering?
You will need a Promotion Code to receive the appropriate registration rate. If you don’t use one of the Promotion Codes you will be charged the Non-Government Professional (Non-AFERM Member) registration rate. Please visit the Summit page to view available Promotion Codes and instructions to register for the Summit.

Please make sure you add the applicable Promotion Code before checking out to confirm your registration is priced correctly. After you have submitted and received registration confirmation, refunds will NOT be granted if Promotion Codes were not entered.

How will I know that AFERM has received my registration completed on the AGA website?
If you are the credit card holder and you followed the instructions to register “someone else,” you will receive a receipt of the purchase and a copy of the participant’s registration confirmation via email once the registration is completed. The participant will only receive the registration confirmation.

If you registered yourself, you will receive a receipt of the purchase and a registration confirmation via email once the registration is completed.

If you did not receive these two emails, your registration process was not completed. Please contact either meetings@agacgfm.org (AGA’s dedicated support e-mail account) or aferm.summit@gmail.com (AFERM’s dedicated support e-mail account).

For completed registrations, AFERM will receive registration reports from AGA to audit, so no details are overlooked.

Will AFERM (or AGA) confirm my registration status prior to the AFERM Summit?
Two (2) weeks prior to the AFERM Summit (i.e., approximately October 15), all registered participants will receive a confirmation email containing training details and logistics.

If you do not receive confirmation two (2) weeks prior to the AFERM Summit, contact your training coordinator, then email meetings@agacgfm.org or aferm.summit@gmail.com for further explanation.

How can I get a receipt for my registration?
If you registered yourself, you should have received an email confirmation, as well as the receipt. If someone else registered you, you should have only received the email confirmation of your registration. The email confirmation will also show the registration rate which can be used as a receipt.

Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox. The email should be coming from agamembers@agacgfm.org.

What if my organization is submitting a purchase order or paying via check for my registration?
Please contact aferm.summit@gmail.com to process your registration via PO or check.
If I am unable to attend the Summit, can I send someone in my place?
  • In-person — If you are unable to attend the training and have already registered, you may designate another person to take your place. A registration form must be downloaded and completed for the new attendee and emailed to meetings@agacgfm.org. Please indicate the name of the individual that is being replaced in the payment section. Membership status is not transferable. Additional fees may be required based on the replacement’s membership status.
    For all changes from in-person to virtual attendance, please follow “In-person to virtual attendance” policy below.
  • In-person to virtual attendance — If you are unable to attend the training in-person, you may switch your in-person participation to virtual participation at no cost until three business days prior to the Summit. After this day, all requests will be charged an additional $50 processing fee. Requests must be emailed to meetings@agacgfm.org. Phone calls are not accepted.
  • Virtual (from home/office) — All substitutions of your registration must be requested in writing to meetings@agacgfm.org by October 22, 2019 at noon ET. After this day, all requests will be charged an additional $50 processing fee. Membership status is not transferrable. Additional fees may be required based on the replacement’s membership status.
Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my registration?
Refunds, less a $50 processing fee per registrant, will be granted for requests received in writing to meetings@agacgfm.org by October 8, 2019. Refunds will not be granted after this date. No-shows are responsible for full payment.

Refunds will NOT be processed for Promotion Codes not entered before checking out.

As long as the Summit takes place as planned, AFERM is not responsible for registrants being unable to attend the Summit for any reason, including a government shutdown, and, is therefore unable to issue refunds.

Any questions regarding refunds can be e-mailed to aferm.summit@gmail.com.

I already checked out, but I forgot to enter the Promotion Code. What should I do?
Unfortunately, we cannot process refunds and/or adjustments for Promotion Codes not entered before checking out. Please see registration instructions here.
If I cancel my registration, is my hotel room automatically canceled and vice versa?
No. These are independent of each other. You will need to separately cancel both your AFERM Summit registration and your hotel reservation.

Should you need further assistance, please contact meetings@agacgfm.org or aferm.summit@gmail.com.

What is the attire for the Summit?
Business casual attire is appropriate for all conference and training activities. Since conference and break-out session room temperatures vary, we recommend you bring a sweater or jacket to the sessions. Check the Washington, DC, weather before you depart for the Summit.
How can I get a copy of speaker slide presentations?
All registered participants will receive a confirmation email two (2) weeks prior to the start of the AFERM Summit containing training details. Please note, presentation slides and notes will be available only from speakers who grant permission.
If a luncheon, reception or refreshment break is not sponsored, does that mean it will not be provided?
No. All the meals and food and beverage activities included in your Summit registration package will be provided regardless of whether the meal/break has been sponsored.
What should I do if I have a special dietary request?
AFERM selects lunch menus we hope everyone will enjoy. We realize that some individuals have dietary restrictions and food allergies. Attendees who notified us about food allergies or dietary restrictions that prevent from eating the standard entrée selection are provided with a vegetarian/vegan/kosher meal based as closely as possible on their specific dietary needs. If you do have such needs, please e-mail aferm.summit@gmail.com.

Due to the large number of attendees, substitutes to the vegetarian/vegan/kosher meal or the standard conference event meal may not be possible. Please make alternative meal arrangements if you have several food allergies or very specific dietary restrictions, as our food and beverage options may not meet your needs.

If I am receiving an award, are my meal tickets complementary?
Yes. If you are an award recipient, you are welcome to join us for the awards luncheon free of charge. If you are registered for the AFERM Summit, your luncheons are included in your registration package. Please contact aferm.summit@gmail.com for more information.
Are there assigned seats for the awards ceremonies?
Yes. We ask that award recipients sit at the “RESERVED” tables at the front of the room.
Is the RIMS-CRMP-FED certification exam included with the cost of the AFERM Summit?
No. While the RIMS-CRMP-FED certification exam will be held the morning of Day 2 of the Summit for ease of attendance, the costs for the certification exam are separate and handled directly with RIMS.
Where do I go to attend virtually?
If you registered for virtual attendance, use this link to login and view the 2019 ERM Summit online live — https://aga.digitellinc.com/aga/live/93/page/518

If we missed an FAQ, we're here to help. Email us with your questions at aferm.summit@gmail.com.