OCC Appetite Risk Assessment

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is an independent agency entrusted with unique powers and authorities to administer the federal banking system. The OCC established its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) function in 2015 to identify and assess OCC’s mission-critical risks and support the agency in managing those risks. By establishing a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and managing risk, the OCC intends to continually improve the agency’s governance, increase accountability, and enhance overall performance.

The Office of Enterprise Risk Management, led by the Chief Risk Officer, reports directly to the Comptroller of the Currency and administers the agency’s ERM framework. As part of the framework, the Risk Appetite Statement articulates the level and type of risk the agency will accept while conducting its mission. This statement is the result of a careful evaluation of how risks affect the agency’s ability to achieve its strategic goals.

The Risk Appetite Statement establishes risk tolerance in nine categories


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