Peter C. Young

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3M Endowed Chair, Professor of Risk Management, Opus College of Business
University of St. Thomas
Minneapolis, MN

United States

Peter C. Young, PhD, holds the 3M Endowed Chair in International Business, and in that
position is responsible for global business education initiatives at the University of St. Thomas’
Opus College of Business. In that capacity, he is responsible for the MBA courses and certification
programs in risk management, as well as playing a leadership role in the actuarial science
program—now designated as a Center for Actuarial Excellence.

Professor Young has been a visiting professor to City University in London and Aoyama Gakuin
University in Tokyo, and has held a distinguished honorary professorship at Glasgow
Caledonian University in Scotland. He was selected as a Distinguished Alumnus of the Year
for the University of Nebraska-Omaha as well as for Augustana University. Honored with the
ALARM-UK Lifetime Service award, he was also selected as an Honorary Fellow of the
Institute of Risk Management in London. Most recently, he was awarded the Otto Mønsted
Visiting Professorship at Copenhagen Business School in recognition of research excellence in
risk management.

Dr. Young holds a PhD in Risk Management from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s
Degree in Public Administration from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He has written
extensively on the subject of risk management in academic journals, but has also authored
several books including: an influential risk management textbook, Risk Management and
Insurance (McGraw-Hill, co-authored with Michael Smith), Managing Risks in Public
Organisations (with Martin Fone), and Risk Management and Leadership. He has co-authored
with Torben Andersen, Strategic Risk leadership: Engaging a World of Risk, Uncertainty, and
the Unknown (2020), and a second book with Torben Andersen, Strategic Risk leadership:
Context and Cases, (2022). A book on risk management in European governmental bodies,
Public Sector Leadership in Assessing and Addressing Risk, was published in April 2022.

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