2022 2GIT Contract Guide

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Looking for information technology products and services with built-in supply chain risk management? The General Service Administration’s Second Generation IT vehicle is the ticket.

For the 2GIT Contract Guide , Federal News Network goes deep to learn about the extensive IT products and services vehicle, how it incorporates SCRM and what’s on offer from its 75-plus vendors and GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service.

We talk directly with the GSA leaders who spearheaded 2GIT, Paul Morris and Tom Smith, to share how the vehicle works, how it quickly can add new products sought by agencies and how GSA built in supply chain risk management from the get-go with each of the vendors.

“A very important part of the 2GIT program is being more agile, and being able to add products and modify prices in response to customer demand,” said Morris, director of IT hardware category management at FAS. “The FASt Lane process is not necessarily new as it’s been around a few years, but we just took it to the next level and really tailored the processes around it.”

2GIT is unique among multiple-award, governmentwide IT vehicles. GSA requires that the sellers on 2GIT continuously monitor SCRM plans that were integrated into their contracts, using about two dozen core elements derived from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s SCRM guidance.

“From a customer-centric perspective, 2GIT brings that compliance component into the mix to help take some of the burden off the contracting officer and their workload,” said Smith, IT category branch chief in FAS’ IT Software Division. “We’ve done a lot of that legwork, facilitated and integrated a lot of that into the requirements for the program to try to help facilitate SCRM.”

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