What are some of the top challenges facing agencies in integrating the OMB A-123 ERM framework with strategic objectives and decision-making processes?

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The greatest challenge to most organizations is overcoming cultural inertia, or reactions to cultural change.  Organizations don’t change quickly or easily, and the practices prescribed by OMB A-123 introduce fundamental changes to organizations’ processes for decision-making and setting strategic objectives.  Cultural change is often difficult, regardless of the need or reasons.  Success takes time, leadership and management commitment and buy-in at all levels, clear and relevant objectives, and continuous and consistent communication.

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The biggest challenge I face is layers and layers of bureaucracy. To get our risks from our organization up to the next higher level of our risk management hierarchy, we have to go through eight people, only one of whom has experience with risk management. It is a very slow and cumbersome process and it discourages people from bringing up risks and having to spend the time and energy working through each of the layers.

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