Introducing the RIMS-CRMP-Fed Micro-Credential

As ERM continues to grow in importance in the federal government, and builds upon the Office of Management and Budget’s 2016 update of Circular No. A-123, it becomes critical that ERM professionals are knowledgeable so that they can provide value to their organizations.

You now have the opportunity to be at the forefront of ERM professionals demonstrating their knowledge of ERM and its application in the federal government with the new RIMS-CRMP-Fed credential. When you earn the RIMS-CRMP-Fed, you’ll be a holder of the RIMS-Certified Risk Management Professional (RIMS-CRMP) certification—which tests the application of ERM knowledge—as well as the federal government risk management micro-credential.

You’ll have all the benefits of a RIMS-CRMP such as recognition and a competitive advantage, with a specialization in the public sector.

Be one of the first people to participate in the RIMS-CRMP-Fed pilot program. The program includes the RIMS-CRMP application, RIMS-CRMP exam, your choice of two 3-Day Prep Workshops from June 19–21 or August 7–9, and RIMS-CRMP-Fed pilot exam on October 6 for a special one-time rate of $325. To take advantage of this offer, you must enter discount code CRMPFED18 when you complete the RIMS-CRMP application.