AFERM elects new board of directors, OMB’s revised A-123 to be a 2016 focus

WASHINGTON, DC, February 24, 2016 — Today the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM) announced a new slate of officers for 2016. With the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issuing new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and internal controls guidelines in 2016 as part of an update to OMB Circular A-123, AFERM leadership will be focused on additional outreach to ERM professionals in communicating what these guidelines mean to the future of ERM in the federal government and supporting the implementation of the guidelines. AFERM is the only organization that exclusively promotes and supports ERM in the federal sector.

“We are entering into a critical time for risk management in the federal government,” said new AFERM President W. Todd Grams. “OMB’s update of A-123 is expected to raise the bar on accountability for managing risks in federal departments and agencies.

“Last year, OMB guidance defined ERM, described its benefits, and encouraged departments and agencies to practice ERM. This year, for the first time ever, OMB is expected to require that departments and agencies take specific actions to be more aware of, and better manage, risks at an enterprise level. AFERM will be helping government leaders and ERM professionals understand what these changes mean and how they can effectively use ERM in their organizations.”

AFERM 2016 Board of Directors:

  • President: W. Todd Grams, Deloitte & Touche, LLP
  • President-Elect: Sallyanne Harper, AOC Solutions, Inc.
  • Past-President: Tom Stanton, Johns Hopkins University
  • Secretary: Harold Barnshaw, U.S. Department of Treasury
  • Treasurer: Tim Hanlon, IBM
  • VP-at-Large: Catherine Chatfield, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • VP-at-Large: Cynthia Vitters, U.S. Department of Education
  • VP-at-Large: Nadine M. Cipriani, MorganFranklin Consulting
  • VP-at-Large: Laurie Champion, Aon

The new set of officers will continue the association’s mission to advance the practice of ERM in the Federal Government through thought leadership, education, and collaboration.


AFERM is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of federal ERM. The association serves its members by providing a forum for discussion of issues relevant to participants in the federal risk management profession, sponsoring appropriate educational programs, encouraging professional development, influencing governmental risk management policies and practices, and serving as an advocate for the profession. Learn more at