VP of Outreach: Montrice Yakimov

Montrice Yakimov

Montrice Godard Yakimov is a seasoned leader in enterprise risk management who has held positions in both the public and private sectors.  This includes current and former roles in which Ms. Yakimov established Enterprise Risk Management programs and applied ERM principles for Agencies and core operating Divisions.

Ms. Yakimov has served as the Chief Risk Officer for the US Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service where her responsibilities included leading enterprise strategies to mitigate significant risks, conducting targeted risk analyses of major IT applications and broader risks that could deter the achievement of strategic objectives, and serving as Chairman of the Enterprise Risk Management Working Group.

Prior to joining the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Ms. Yakimov served as a Principal in the consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton, where she provided consulting services to Federal Agencies that oversee banks and federal credit unions. She also provided consulting support to US Treasury Department Bureaus and Offices and the US Department of Commerce on a broad range of high impact strategic assessments and projects.

Ms. Yakimov’s background also includes regulatory policy and oversight roles including serving as Managing Director for Compliance and Consumer Protection at the Office of Thrift Supervision, Central Manager of the Consumer Affairs Program at the Federal Reserve Board, and Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for the Conference of State Bank Supervisors – a national organization that represents state financial services regulators in Washington DC.

Professional activities include serving on the Board of the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management as the Vice President for Communications and Outreach, the Executive Steering Committee for Enterprise Risk Management, and the interagency ERM Playbook Working Group. She also previously served as the Chair of the Audit Committee for the Association of Federal Enterprise Risk Management.