Jen Wade

Jen WadeJen Wade is the Director of Budget Formulation within the FDA’s Office of Budget. As Director, Jen is responsible for formulating and justifying over $6 billion in annual resources and multi-year budgets for the FDA. She has experience in budget formulation, policy, legislative and program operations. Jen has served in various roles including as a senior HHS analyst over the Indian Health Service’s $7.4 billion budget, including representing HHS in negotiations with the Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Appropriations Committees, and at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service, managing federal oversight across New England and New York nutrition program operations. Jen has served as a Senior HHS Appropriations Liaison to Congressional Appropriations Committees and previously worked on the Hill for a member from her home state of Massachusetts. Jen lives in the Petworth neighborhood of DC.