Gary J. Bierc

Gary J. BiercMr. Bierc is the founder and CEO of rPM³ Solutions.  He is the principal thought-leader behind rPM3’s innovations, such as Aperitisoft™ and the patented ARQ Technology™.  He is also the force behind rPM3’s commitment to deliver measurable results.  Being an early pioneer in ERM, Mr. Bierc is a recognized thought-leader and subject matter expert in ERM dating back to the mid-1990’s.  Gary is a veteran senior executive and the former CRO for Moore Business Forms.  He is a polished financial analyst, strategist and is a career risk manager.  Mr. Bierc holds the patent for ARQ Technology™, the business method commercialized by rPM3 for determining the cost of risk across an enterprise in dollars terms.