Dr. Paul L. Walker

Dr. Paul WalkerDr. Walker co-developed one of the first courses on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and has done ERM training and advising for executives and boards around the world. This includes helping boards develop risk oversight practices, benchmarking ERM practices, working with organizations to develop the risk and strategy connection, helping organizations link risk to innovation, building a strategic risk identification profile, conducting black swan and strategic disruption workshops, and advising organizations on ERM process development.

In addition to helping organizations he has presented ERM to audiences more than 100 times around the world and published more than 50 books and articles on ERM. Dr. Walker has researched ERM at the headquarters of companies such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, DuPont, Intuit, Harley-Davidson Inc., Raytheon, and more than 75 other major organizations. Some of his scholarship includes Improving Board Risk Oversight through Best Practices, Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off, Enterprise Risk Management: Pulling it All Together, Is your Board Ready for ERM?, The Strategic. Advantage of ERM, Managing Risk: An Enterprise-Wide Approach, A Road Map to ERM, ERM and the Strategy-Risk Focused Organization, The CFO as Chief Risk Manager, Noise to Signals to Business Models, and The Clunky Dance between Strategy and Risk.

Dr. Walker currently leads the graduate degree programs in ERM and runs the Center for Excellence in ERM at St. John’s University. The Center develops cutting-edge intellectual capital on ERM and brings together executives, leaders, and students to have the right conversation about risk. Additionally, Dr. Walker was a consultant to COSO on their 2004 Enterprise Risk Management framework and, in 2014, Dr. Walker was nominated to the COSO ERM Framework Advisory Council.

Dr. Walker has also worked in various positions in financial services, and at KPMG and EY. He taught at the University of Virginia for almost 20 years and has served as a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics Centre for the Analysis of Risk and the University of Canterbury at Christchurch. Dr. Walker was also selected as a 2011 Deloitte CFO scholar.