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ERM in Government Textbook: “Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals”

“Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals” is the first textbook written on ERM in government. It provides a body of knowledge for educating and teaching pedagogy around the ERM subject. Includes survey of state, local and gov’t practitioners, and survey of core competencies. Book won the Most Promising New Textbook Award and reached Amazon’s Best Sellers List in Risk Management.

Why ‘complete ERM’ is a myth

Risk oversight has grown in importance among all types of organisations this decade, but some of the gains can be attributed to public companies responding to US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules related to risk disclosures

ERM Basics for A-123

Government agencies exist to deliver service that is in the public interest. The delivery of an agency’s objectives is surrounded by uncertainty which both poses threats to success and offers opportunity for increasing success….