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Advancing ERM through Education

AFERM’s ERM training program was established in 2015.

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Foundational Training Courses

  • ERM Governance
    Author: Deloitte
    Released: November 2015
  • Establishing lines of authority and accountability between ERM and Agency components
    Author: GrantThornton
    Released: November 2015

Intermediate Training Courses

  • Integrating ERM into Mission, Strategy and Planning Activities
    Author: Deloitte
    Released: TBD
  • Developing a Practical and Informative Risk Identification Process
    Author: EY
    Released: December 2015
  • Developing a Practical and Informative Risk Assessment Process
    Author: EY
    Released: December 2015
  • Dealing with Emerging Risk, Long-tail risk and mitigation effectiveness

    Author: KPMG
    Released: May 2016

Advanced Training Courses

  • Consolidating Agency-wide Risk Profiles Into a Portfolio-level View
    Author: PwC
    Released: November 2015
  • Defining Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance
    Author: MetricStream
    Released: TBD
  • Exposure Analysis and Risk Quantification
    Author: RPM3
    Released: TBD
  • ERM Case Study
    Author: AFERM
    Released: TBD

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