Treasurer: Elena Yearly

Elena Yearly

Elena is the CEO and Founder of EMY Consulting, LLC (EMY) a third-party certified woman-owned small business based in Northern Virginia that offers services in enterprise risk management, internal controls, auditing, compliance, and strategic planning for federal agencies and the private sector. Over the past nine years, EMY has been instrumental in working with agencies to improve their business processes and infrastructure and develop effective ERM solutions. Elena is an expert in the Statement of Assurance Process, with specific emphasis on how ERM aligns with agency strategy and compliance with OMB Circulars A-123 and A-11.  She is also an expert in the Yellow Book, GAO/CIGIE standards and is an established financial management and ERM instructor for Management Concepts.   Prior to forming EMY, Elena worked in a senior level capacity at KPMG LLP for several years leading risk management, audit and compliance engagements for their public sector, not-for-profit and private sector clients.  She also held senior level positions in commercial and investment banking, healthcare, and for a nonprofit. Elena has certifications in risk management, auditing, and accounting.