2024 Summit Call for Speakers

We Are Seeking Dynamic and Innovative Speakers to Share their Experience at Our Upcoming 2024 AFERM Summit

We invite you to share your enterprise risk management knowledge and expertise by becoming a session speaker or workshop facilitator at the upcoming 2024 AFERM Summit!

This is a terrific opportunity to help advance the practice of ERM in the government. Join other distinguished leaders in shaping the ERM conversation by sharing your experience and insights to the federal ERM community. As you may be aware, speaking at an AFERM Summit is an extraordinary and exhilarating experience. If you have attended one of our Summits in the past, you know that the AFERM audience expects presenters who are engaged and present with a great deal of energy and dynamic exchange with the attendees. Telling compelling stories is vital and if you have “a great risk management story to share,” submit your proposal today.

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2024 AFERM Summit Theme and Tracks

This year’s Summit theme is “ERM, Where Government Decision-Making and Strategy Meet” . The Summit sessions and workshops will support the following tracks:

  • Integrating ERM into the Larger AgendaERM is a highly-interconnected discipline that extends far beyond the traditional compliance, reporting, and operational areas. This track explores how ERM can and should be integrated into critical areas of your organization ultimately becoming intrinsic to the culture of your organization. How can ERM leaders collaborate with different groups across the enterprise to ensure successful integration of ERM concepts? Session topics might include ERM integration with diverse areas such as legislative affairs, budget formulation & execution, labor relations, strategy and performance setting/monitoring, audits, general counsel, public affairs, continuity of operations, and supply chain and vendor management…just to name a few.
  • Delivering Value to Decision MakersFederal leaders are challenged by an ever-increasing mosaic of priorities and obligations alongside core mission delivery. This track explores what information decision makers value and how ERM is uniquely positioned to deliver.
  • Tools and Techniques (application vs. theory)As the risk environment evolves, the tools and techniques agencies use to monitor and evaluate risks need to evolve with it. This track explores what tools and techniques government ERM leaders are using to effectively manage their ERM programs.


Summit Session Speakers

We are seeking moderators and speakers for a limited number of knowledge breakout sessions that support the Summit theme and tracks. These sessions may follow various formats. Speakers:

  • Will submit session topic and speaker proposals and coordinate with the AFERM Summit Planning team
  • Are compelling story tellers especially from an ERM perspective with a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience with others
  • Can help provide solutions to common challenges that we all face with workable and tailored solutions
  • Provide clear, successful use cases, best practices, teachings and how-to guidance including takeaways (templates, presentations, white papers, etc.) for attendees
  • Can facilitate an interactive conversation around a professional development topic
  • Have experience working with or in government and can provide tools and techniques that you feel can realistically be applied within the government sector
  • Are able to present in-person at the Summit event in Washington, D.C.

Helpful Tips for Crafting Your Speaker Submission

  • Detail your key talking points with a focus on what you would like the audience to learn and take away
  • Think through why an attendee would find your topic valuable
  • Identify the issues and challenges your session will address

Speaker Proposal Form

The Call for Speakers closes at midnight on July 22, 2024. All speakers will be notified of their selection status by late August.