Kenneth C. Fletcher

Ken FletcherMr. Fletcher’s professional career spans more than 40-years including military, private sector, and civilian government service. He is currently the President and founder of Kestrel Hawk Consulting, Inc., a risk management consultancy company he founded in 2017. He retired from federal government service after 14-years at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), where he served in a variety of executive positions including Assistant Administrator/Chief Risk Officer, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Risk Based Security, and Deputy Federal Security Director at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. He also served as a Senior Advisor to the TSA Administrator and Deputy Administrator and is a principal architect of TSA’s risk-based security approach to transportation security and the TSA Precheck program. Mr. Fletcher is a retired U.S. Navy Officer with 23-years of active duty service. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations and Information Systems Management from Northern Illinois University, and a Master of Arts in Security Studies (Homeland Defense and Security) from the Naval Post Graduate School. He is the President Elect of the Association of Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM), and co-editor and a contributing author of a book on public sector enterprise risk management published in May 2019.

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