Jonathan M. Lash

Jonathan LashJonathan M. Lash, CFE and Senior Fraud Program Specialist/Risk Officer, works in the Departmental Enforcement Center (DEC) at HUD, which provides independent oversight of the administration of HUD programs and its external partners. He began ERM work in 2017 after meeting the HUD Chief Risk Officer and supporting the beginning of the ERM effort at HUD. Before joining the DEC, his career included 30 years in Federal budgeting at USDA and HUD, from funds officer to budget analyst to budget director. Linking risk mitigation to budget requests came naturally. At the DEC he tracks risks uncovered by DEC staff; writes articles for the DEC quarterly newsletter on detecting and responding to fraud; prepares suspension and debarment actions against persons who violate Federal and State housing regulations, including fraud and false statements; and reviews proposed notices and regulations as part of the Departmental clearance process. He is a native of Alexandria, VA, has sung in operas at the Kennedy Center, and with his wife enjoys their four children and two grandchildren.