Jessi Axe

Jessi Axe is dedicated to improving resource efficiency and policy effectiveness through strategic planning, budget alignment, and enterprise and fraud risk management (EFRM). She is the lead rental housing and market analyst for the Office of Strategic Planning and Management at HUD. She has led and supported several strategic objectives including, Removing Lead-Based Paint Hazards from Homes, Promoting Economic Opportunity, and Strengthening Enterprise Risk and Fraud Management. Recently, Jessi led a team of performance analysts to integrate EFRM into HUD’s four-year Strategic Plan. Jessi is currently working with HUD’s Chief Risk Officer to integrate Enterprise Risk and Fraud Management into the budget formulation and execution process to effectively mitigate HUD’s top risks.

Jessi is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Ethiopia (2012-2014) where she restructured and successfully implemented the Education Project Framework from teacher training to direct teaching and served as a regional elected representative for the Education Program Advisory Committee.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and a Master of Arts in Social and Public Policy from Duquesne University’s McAnulty School of Liberal Arts. She is a proud mom to one-year old, Ginny and wife to husband, Scott.