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DHS HQ Risk Lexicon

DHS HQ Risk Lexicon is the second edition of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Risk Lexicon and represents an update of the version published in September 2008. More than seventy terms and definitions were included in the first edition of the DHS Risk Lexicon. The 2010 edition includes fifty new terms and definitions in addition to revised definitions for twenty-three of the original terms. It was produced by the DHS Risk Steering Committee (RSC). The RSC, chaired by the Under Secretary.

DoD Risk, Issue and Opportunity Management Guide

The guide provides practical advice to programs as they work to identify, analyze, and manage risks, issues , and opportunities. Program Managers and engineers need to understand the technical risks they face and structure programs and acquisition strategies in a manner that best mitigates those risks. While processes help, the quality and effectiveness of risk mitigation planning, judgement, and the decisions made by program managers matter the most for achieving objectives.

SACoP Presentation: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Cybersecurity

Risk management is a coordinated activity to communicate, direct and control challenges to agency goals and objectives. ERM risk profiles should capture A-123 risk and control objective assessments, including risks related to cybersecurity. This presentation developed by executives with the National Science Foundation (NSF) was presented at AFERM’s March 2018 Small Agency Community of Practice (more…)

ERM: A Private Sector View — Members Only

On January 24th, 2018, AFERM hosted a networking event for AFERM members. The event included a presentation by Nandini Kini, Senior Director for ERM at Capital One. Nandini presented on how ERM is evolving in the private sector and shared some ERM leading practices and lessons learned from the private sector as well.

ERM in Government Textbook: “Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals”

“Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals” is the first textbook written on ERM in government. It provides a body of knowledge for educating and teaching pedagogy around the ERM subject. Includes survey of state, local and gov’t practitioners, and survey of core competencies. Book won the Most Promising New Textbook Award and reached Amazon’s Best Sellers List in Risk Management.

Risk Profile Tear Sheet

This is an example of a tear sheet for a top risk of a risk profile. Agency leaders can see everything they need to see about a risk and what is planned on one page.