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SACoP Presentation: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Cybersecurity

Risk management is a coordinated activity to communicate, direct and control challenges to agency goals and objectives. ERM risk profiles should capture A-123 risk and control objective assessments, including risks related to cybersecurity. This presentation developed by executives with the National Science Foundation (NSF) was presented at AFERM’s March 2018 Small Agency Community of Practice (more…)

OCC Appetite Risk Assessment

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is an independent agency entrusted with unique powers and authorities to administer the federal banking system. The OCC established its Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) function in 2015 to identify

2016: PBGC OIG ERM Framework

This memorandum is to document the establishment and implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management program at the PBGC Office of Inspector General.

Enterprise Risk Management at PBGC – September 10, 2015

Consistent with the Office of Inspector General’s responsibility to provide leadership to promote efficiency and effectiveness, this white paper is intended to provide the Board of Directors and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation senior leadership with insight on Enterprise Risk Management as PBGC moves forward with implementation of its statutory and soon to be Office of Management and Budget mandate regarding ERM