•  December 8, 2020
     9:00 am - 4:30 pm (Eastern)
  •  December 9, 2020
     7:00 am - 2:30 pm (Eastern)

This event is hosted by Prescient and provided here for informational purposes. AFERM is not a sponsor of this event.

Strategic Foresight Training for an Era of Accelerating Change

The Foresight Sandbox course is a professional strategic foresight training course.  It is designed for mid-to-senior-level professionals who are responsible for making key decisions within their organizations. Through a professional learning experience that combines expert instruction with hands-on planning for an era of transformative workplace change, participants will achieve a future-focused mindset that will boost their organization’s ability to thrive amid industry transformation.

They borrow their approach from the the tech world, in which companies need a safe place to ‘play around’ with developing software. This safe place is called a sandbox. By testing new software in the sandbox, there is no risk to the existing systems. Once the software is bug-free, it is taken out of the sandbox and integrated into the real-time environment.

Prescient is currently running the course in virtual live mode only. The course is limited to twenty participants. They actively seek a diverse cohort of participants from industry, government and the non-profit sectors.

This event is hosted by Prescient, for registrations or questions visit prescient2050.com/executive-education or email Info@Prescient2050.com.  AFERM cannot process registrations or answer questions about this event.


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