*WEBINAR* Prescient: Use Strategic Foresight Tools to Plan for your organization in a COVID-19 world

Using Strategic Foresight to anticipate and thrive in a COVID19 world. Join futurist Dr. Amy Zalman for a free, 45-minute, online session on Friday, March 20.

  •  March 20, 2020
     6:00 am - 6:45 am (Eastern)

This event is hosted by Prescient and provided here for informational purposes. AFERM is not a sponsor of this event.

When people are in crisis, their bodies and minds short-circuit normal decision-making. Our bodies close out extra stimuli to focus on the crisis at hand, while our minds seek to simplify and predict what is happening in the short-term. This excellent strategy gives the best chance of present moment survival.

Yet, beyond the present moment lies the future. Where do we go from here? 

Will the COVID19 curve flatten, allowing life and business to return to a pre-virus state? Will life be unalterably changed and never the same again? Or will the reality be somewhere in between?

It is exactly now that organizations will benefit from dedicating some time and resources to thinking like a Futurist. Futurists survey reality with wide lenses and open minds, knowing that opportunities to influence how the future unfolds are always in our hands.

Whatever scenarios unfold, they will create new realities for your organization: reasons to adapt how you work; unforeseen opportunities to leapfrog, transform and grow, and new forms of risk.

Join futurist Dr. Amy Zalman for a free, 45-minute, online session that will include:

  • guidance on how to use the futurist toolkit of strategic foresight to anticipate, prepare, and influence your next-steps planning
  • a quick exercise tool that you can share with your team (virtually) to promote future-forward thinking
  • an opportunity to interact and ask questions about scenarios emerging in the futurist space— what industry and society may look like next

This event is hosted by Prescient, for registrations or questions email Info@Prescient2050.com.  AFERM cannot process registrations or answer questions about this event.

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