•  April 10, 2020
     2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Eastern)

This event is hosted by George Mason University and provided here for informational purposes. AFERM is not a sponsor of this event.

COVID-19 has forced companies around the world to operate differently with employees’ health in mind. In this webinar, corporate executives talk about how their organizations are reacting to working with social distancing, how they are implementing their Business Continuity Plans to sustain current work and win new business while keeping employees safe, as well as how they maintain corporate information security with everyone working remotely. They discuss new information security training and steps that they have taken in this environment to assure partners, customers, and stakeholders about their security posture.

This event is hosted by George Mason University. AFERM cannot process registrations or answer questions about this event. If you have issues or questions regarding registration for this event email execdev@gmu.edu.


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