Virtual Demo Session 1A: Tackling OMB A-123 with Aperitisoft

This software demonstration/tour will show you how to manage you’re OMB A-123 requirements using rPM3 Solutions’ Aperitisoft™ software solution. This feature rich software was purpose-built to support ERM practitioners and logically structured to mirror the ERM process. A built-in survey tool supports risk identification, developing likelihood and impact factors, and risk evaluation and is easily tailored to (more…)

Plenary Session 2: Key Issues In The New and Frightening World of Systemic Risk

Systemic risks are all around us – we’re all still living through the cascading systemic failures of COVID. Recent systemic failures like Texas Energy, SolarWinds, and the Microsoft Exchange hack demonstrate how global connectivity and new technology innovations are introducing new systemic risks at a level and of types never seen before.  But few leaders fully (more…)

Breakout Session 3D: The Biggest Gap in ERM Practice — the Human Element

The human element is increasingly recognized as the biggest vulnerability in cybersecurity and the largest contributor to operational risk yet no risk frameworks effectively quantifies or assesses human factor risks. These findings are the subject of collaborative research with leading Ivy league universities and the Cognitive Risk Institute. This session goes beyond internal controls, audit (more…)

Breakout Session 3C: Aligning Third-Party Supplier Risks with a Healthcare System’s Enterprise Risk Management Program

This session will discuss the journey that Intermountain Healthcare has taken to design and implement a third-party supplier risk management program using Enterprise Risk Management principles. Our goal is to create an infrastructure for identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and mitigating the following nine risk categories-location risk, sourcing risk, labor risk, financial stability risk, compliance risk, logistics (more…)

Breakout Session 3B: The Case for a Federal CRO

This breakout discussion will address how ERM is currently applied in organizations and agencies and how it could be applied at the broader government level. This broader level might necessitate a CRO for the United States.

Breakout Session 3A: Accelerating Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program Maturity through Technology Enablement

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technologies and data analytics are helping organizations automate manual processes, improve data quality, and gain insights into their data in new ways. This session will explore the criticality of GRC technology to managing risk portfolios with a lens on connecting data points to inform key strategic, operational, budgetary and acquisition (more…)