Considering the current market for Federal ERM Professionals, would it be highly unlikely to find a 10yr professional within a salary range of $95K – $105K?

Question asked by Michael Charles

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Federal GOV contractor supporting a Law Enforcement Agency, seeking guidance in regards to salary budget and current market for professionals with this skill set.

AFERM Experts Say...

Like any professional, the salary range for an ERM professional with 10 years of working experience will depend on many factors.  Formal education, relevant peripheral experience (e.g., strategic planning, performance management, internal controls, audit, etc.),  closely aligned experience (i.e., risk management and ERM), and specific familiarity with the organization and/or similar projects all play into an individual’s marketability.  However, let’s assume you have a candidate with 10 years of experience closely aligned with ERM and the individual can be a major contributor to analyzing the current risk environment and mapping out an ERM approach.  Several senior leaders in federal consulting organizations have confirmed for me that it is highly unlikely you will be able to find such an individual in the specified compensation range.

This does not mean there are not individuals claiming expertise in ERM that will accept such compensation.  However, in all such cases, I would highly suggest you ensure they: (1) truly understand ERM (versus internal controls or some informal approach to risk management), and (2) have significant verifiable experience specifically related to ERM.

If anyone has experience to the contrary, we would certainly welcome the feedback.  Best wishes with your ERM efforts.

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