AFERM Announces Updated 2016 Summit Presenters and Break-Out Sessions

AFERM announced an updated agenda, featured speakers, and break-out session topics for its 2016 Summit, to be held November 7-8, 2016.  Register now: “Early bird” pricing ends Sunday, October 23, 2016.

Featured Speakers:
  • Dave Mader – Controller of the U.S. Office of Management & Budget (OMB)
  • Robert Hirth, Chairman of the Committee of the Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)
  • Brian Philbin – the first Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), and currently the Assistant Commissioner and Chief Audit Executive at the CRA
  • Scott Williams – Director of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Lockheed Martin
  • Keith Cureton – Corporate Group Manager for ERM at United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • Ellen Herbst – U.S. Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary of Administration
  • Nancy Potok – U.S. Census Bureau Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Break-out Session Topics Include:
  • The Value of ERM in Managing Your Reputation
  • ERM at a Time of Administration Transition
  • Leveraging Existing Centers of Excellence with Implementing ERM
  • Managing the Cost of ERM
  • Generating Value Through ERM, Risk Appetite, and Collaboration: An Agency Case Study
  • A Risk-Based Approach to Governing Your Most Critical Data Assets
  • The Value of ERM Through the Eyes of the Inspector General
  • Before You Can Generate Value with ERM, You Have to Survive
  • Small Agency Focus on ERM

Plus, an entire track of topics under the category of “ERM: Practical and Tactical Methods”

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Early bird pricing ends on October 23, so register today!

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