AFERM Board Nominations for FY17-19 Now Open

The AFERM Nominating Committee is soliciting expressions of interest for nominations for the following AFERM Board positions:

  • President-Elect (for a 3-year term on the Board: 1 year as President-Elect, 1 year as President, and 1 year as Immediate Past President)
  • Treasurer-Elect (for a 3-year term on the Board: 1 year as Treasurer-Elect and 2 years as Treasurer)
  • Two (2) Vice-Presidents (for a 3-year term)

Please note that the terms of new Board members will begin on November 9, 2016, following their election on the second day of our #AFERM2016Summit, November 8, 2016.

If you are interested in being considered by the Nominating Committee for one of these positions, please submit a brief biography and statement expressing relevant experience and qualifications to the AFERM Nominating Committee at:

Candidates are asked to include the following in their statements: “I understand Board members of AFERM have a fiduciary responsibility to the Association and am pleased to abide by that policy.”

All expressions of interest must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than September 26, 2016 to be considered. Upon review of all expressions of interest for nomination, as well as input received from current AFERM Board members, the Nominating Committee will determine one candidate each for the offices listed above.

All individuals submitting expressions of interest for AFERM Board positions will be notified of their selection or non-selection for the final slate developed by the Nominating Committee. In accordance with Article VIII, Section 1(b) of the AFERM Bylaws, any individual not included in the slate of nominees submitted to the President of AFERM by the Nominating Committee can petition the AFERM President to be placed on the final ballot to be voted upon by the AFERM membership during the Annual Membership Meeting to be conducted the afternoon of November 8, 2016 at the Annual Federal ERM Summit.

Article VIII, Section 1(b) of the Bylaws provides that for an individual to be added to the final ballot as an independent nominee for the President-Elect or Treasurer-Elect positions requires 50 voting members of the Association to submit the nomination. For Board Vice President positions, the Bylaws require one tenth or 10 (whichever is less) of the voting members submit the independent nomination. Such nominations, which will be included on the ballot, must reflect the willingness of the individual to serve and be filed with the National Board of Directors not later than 60 days before the annual AFERM summit.